2B Enterprises presents TAYLORCUT has a special “ V-Block” which  saddles on the cutting table. It has carbide guides which keep the cutting wheel firmly directed in its path. This“ V-Block “ is used much of the time. It has a step riser for cutting uneven items like bolts which have heads which are commonly larger than body of the bolt. There are adjustable stops on the “ V-Block “ and stops on platform of machine which can be adjusted to any length desired with use of the extension. This machine can easily be used to cut one piece, or set up and cut many pieces. We use the TAYLORCUT machine to make over fifty different cuts while reproducing itself.   This machine utilizes a reinforced 7” x 1/32” x 1 1/4” hole size,aluminum oxide cutting wheel. Different thickness wheels can be purchased at an abrasive supply house if needed. We sell standard reinforced wheels here at 2B Enterprises for this machine. Individual or box of 10. Three wheels are also shipped with each machine. Floor space used is 17” x 17”, and stands approx. 48” high. Power  110volt AC. GFI breaker required. Setup light switch. Use of coolant switch.  Auto or Off Adjustable Coolant wand. One full year warranty Ships in two boxes, one less than 70#, one  less than 30#. 2B Enterprises Inc. 21695 Swan Creek Rd. Merrill, Mi 48637 Phone 989-643-5100 Fax 989-643-5200 : This TAYLORCUT abrasive disc cutting machine is designed to cut various types of metals, ferrous, non-ferrous and HARDENED STEEL. This machine can also cut CARBIDE when a diamond wheel is used. PVC can be cut with the standard aluminum oxide wheel. Abrasive Disc Cutting WWW.Taylorcut.com Email  TaylorCut@2bent.com